Saturday, July 12, 2008


We are heading to Flaming Gorge tomorrow morning, for the annual Bonnett/Miller Family boat trip. We look forward to it every year. Most of you will be up there with us...but, everyone else, we will miss you and look forward to checking in with you all on Wednesday, when we get back! (I have included a few pictures from last years trip! Wow, how our little Addy has grown. So sad!
This year she will be on a leash.) =]
Have a great weekend!

Taylor and Ellie

Miller Boat

Joe and Sam

Family on the beach!

My dad

My Grandma Bonnett

Addy on her first Jet Ski ride with Grandma & Grandpa

Dan, Claire & Chris

I hardly remember what it was like to have a baby that didn't walk and slept all the time! =]


jaime said...

ummm what's with the last comment??? anyway have fun on vacation! I loved seeing your family in those pics. It has been so long!

Morgan said...

sooooo jealous.
i would love it if i could put a sign in your yard! thank you!
can i put one there while you're gone?
will you email me your address?
thanks! have a fun and safe trip!

Morgan said...

...hey Jess! I took some pics of Ellie, all decked out in her tootsie bug accessories! I posted them on my blog!...

Morgan said...

It's me again! lol.
I don't mind at all about Ellie's pictures, go ahead!

Kim said...

Always a fun week! I will be looking for this years post soon. :)