Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Better Late Then Never...

Addy's birthday was so much fun! Joe was out of town on her actual birthday. So we headed to Grandma Lani's in the morning for birthday breakfast. My mom had two pink balloons that she and Addy wrote birthday wishes on. Then we took them outside and let them go. (Sorry I have no pictures of that. I didn't have my camera.) then that night we headed to The Pizza Factory for dinner with Gpa,Gma,Ben, Brad & Kels. They made Addy a #2 pizza.
Then on Monday, when Joe was back, we had her party. She got so many cute and fun things. Thanks to everyone who came! Here are a few pictures.
Birthday hugs from Talan.
Ash & Elliette at Addy's Party

The invites that Whitney Robertson did! She is such a talented lady! Thanks so much Whit!

At the Pizza Factory. They made Addy a number "2" pizza! She was in heaven!

Tasting the pizza
Mom, Dad & Uncle Ben
Brad & Kelsey

Make a wish!
After we sang "Happy Birthday" and she blew out the candles. She said, "Again, Again!!" So we sang and lit the candles again! Who says you can't blow your birthday candles out twice?
Addy dancing to "So they say it's your birthday"
Showing Daddy some moves!


The Merrills said...

looks like it was a fun party! I love the pictures they are so cute!

Christensen's said...

That was such a fun party. I loved that Addy wanted us to keeping singing Happy Birthday to her. She is such a Doll.

Robertson family said...

How fun!! I love the pic of her and joe dancing, that is priceless!

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

Everything was perfect from the cutest invitation to the fun party! I loved how excited Talan got for Addy's presents. So cute.

Heather and EJ said...

She is getting so big. What beautiful girl you two have!! She is darling! I miss you! When we getting together to catch up?

Kristy said...

How cute! Did you make her cake? Sounds like she has plenty of personality!

jaime said...

She is the cutest thing ever!!! I love the #2 pizza I didn't know they did that. And your little brothers look so old!

Morgan said...

she is too cute. those invites are great, did you do them?
that picture on your new blog header is adorable. i LOVE it. she's such a beautiful little gal!
happy birthday addy!

Kaci said...

Jessica, it was so good to hear from you on my blog! You're Addy is darling and you're right, great minds do think alike! I love all the pictures on your blog...Too cute! Let's keep in touch!

Dave and Annamarie Nielson said...

So much fun! i know off subject but the wood floors....New? I love it. and cute girl with brad..Girlfriend? I am glad addy had such a fun day.