Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Much The Best Show EVER!!

*LOST - Season 5*

I don't watch a lot of TV...but many of my friends and family kept saying how GOOD this show was. I didn't want to start it just because of the fact that the show was going to be in the 5th season. I didn't want to take the time to watch the previous 4 seasons.
Well one night when I was all alone and bored I broke down and rented the first few episodes while Joe was deer hunting in October. Wow was I hooked!! Where had this show been all my life?!?! haha!
Over the next few days I converted Joe, my brother Ben & his girlfriend Jess. Jason & Krista let us borrow their 1st season on DVD and then Joe and I have watched one episode per night online for the last few months. We finished the 4th season about 3-4 weeks ago and have been so excited to start watching the 5th. It starts this Wednesday!!! If you haven't taken the time to watch this need to. I promise you won't regret it. Anyone else have LOVE for LOST?


haley said...

Umm....yeah! How 'bout LUST for LOST! Sawyer and Jack are SO HOTT!
I watched from the beginning and was totally hooked. I like it better than Grey's and some people consider that blasphemy! It started last Wed. though. You saw it last week right?

Bills Family said...

Haley- LOL! I haven't been able to get into Grey's. Krista is a huge fan. Maybe if I start at the first?
I did watch Lost last week...but it was just the season 4 finale re-run. Do you know something that I don't? Was it on a different night or something? I hope not or I missed it. =[

jaime said...

HALEY!! Don't be messin with my Grey's :) I did watch the first few season's of lost I need to catch up! (but it doesn't come close to Grey's)

haley said...

Don't get me wrong, i love Grey's! But I'm even starting to like Private Practice more.Now that the whole Derek and Meredith thing is kinda over, now that they are together(for now) I've lost a little intrest. In my opinion there's no comparison. LOST takes the cake, numero uno in my book. Sorry Jaime and Krista.
Jessica, I must've been up in the night. Yes, I was thinking of the finale rerun. Sorry, hope i didn't give ya a heart attack.

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

I am a LOST LOVER! See you tonight for the big screening party! Glad you are addicted with the rest of us. Can't wait for our weekly party.

Crow Family said...

the Crow family are lost fans. That is Kevin's favorite show. He gets angry when its mid-season and they take a week off. There is so much connected, you have an advantage of seeing all the episodes recently.

Lewis.Muriel.Ollie said...

Hey Jess, So i wanted to order one of your cute diaper bags for my friend her baby shower is at the end of Feb. Should i just put the order through your website?

Morgan said...

i'm going to have to get the dvd's and get caught up it seems! i'm missing out.

Amber said...

I hope you don't mind, I came across you blog from Stephanie Bill's blog and I just couldn't leave without saying that LOST is our #1 TV show, by far. We love, love, love it. We have watched all the seasons at least twice and still can't get enough.
Oh, and I love Twilight as well.
By the way I am Amber Odekirk, Wes Odekirks wife. Wes is Stephanie's cousin.