Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"You Ruined Our Whole Staycation!!"

First off I have to start by telling you about a text that I got from Ash a few days before our trip.
Ash sent (out of the blue) - "Are you bringing Edward with you?"
Me - "The book"
Ash - "Yes =]"
Me - "Of course, I don't leave home without him!"
Ash - "Me either"
We are both in the process of re-reading Twilight. I just thought it was funny.
**Over Labor Day weekend we took Jer, Ash & Ellie with us down to St. George to stay at my parents house. We had a blast! We joked about it being a "Staycation" and not a vacation, because mostly we just stayed up late, slept in, ate, re-read Twilight, shopped, golfed & hung out at the house. =]
We did attempt to go on a little hike at the narrows, but with the kids we were a little restricted. LOL. Then we thought about going down to Vegas for a day, but that one too was a little hard with a two year old and a two month old. It was very relaxing though and that is what counts.
Addy loved being on "bacation", swimming in Grandma Lani's giant jet tub and holding and taking care of Ellie all weekend. Addy even tried to share her popcorn with her.
We ended most of our nights there with a trip to Golden Spoon for some Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt with mini gummy bears in it. Joe got addicted and preferred the Cake Batter with cherries. We love that place. Remember the one that University Mall used to have? Why don't they have them around here anymore?!?!

We had to stop in Nephi and get some coolant because Ash's car was overheating. "PT LOSER"

Once it was in, we thought we were good to go. (Hence the thumbs up) But just south of Nephi, it starting doing it again. So we kept going and they turned around to go back and get Jer's car. It could have been worse. We could have been in Cedar...? =]
Watching movies on the way down.
Addy enjoying her bath in Grandma's tub. She loved the jets to be going full speed.
Ellie taking a bath in the kitchen sink. What a little doll!
Addy's picture pose. LOL!
The storm that blew in.

Looking for a Geo Cache. Although we didn't get any clues with it. We never did find it. We ended up just walking around up there in a huge dust storm.

Addy would cry everytime someone besides HER tried to hold Ellie.

Addy wanted to climb on all of the BIG Rocks.
Little Ellie was so good. We hardly knew she was there...
Our "Hike"

Addy eating popcorn and trying hard to share with Ellie.

One last stop before leaving on Monday.

"SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!" That's for you Ash!
Thanks Ash & Jer for going down with us. It was so much FUN!! We will have to do it again soon! (This time Jason & Krista will be coming with us for sure...right??) =]


Morgan said...

What a great little break! Addy sure is growing fast!

jaime said...

how fun?? I didn't know your parents had a house down there! What a nice little get away! Those two girls are so cute together!

Heather and EJ said...

Yeah, I did. Still as good of friends with Cyn, just needed to be closer to took an hour just to get to work everyday. Not fun. Yes let's get together for lunch! I would love that! I would also love to go to the movie!! I'm so excited! I will have to check out the other book online!! I seriously have been sucked into my own little world while not having a job..reading most of the day. I must feels good! :) haha. How are things with you guys?

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

I love "Staycations!" We need to go every weekend, okay well not every but more often! Thanks again we had so much fun. I love all the pics, I love Addy trying to feed Ellie popcorn, so cute! I am already missing being down there :(

Kristy said...

Adi is getting big has she turned 2yet? Sounds like she is ready for a brother or a sister.
I loved the Golden Spoon why did they close them up north! I wanna go on a Staycation with you all me next me next!

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

Wish you guys came to the wind festival, maybe next year. I figured when I didn't hear from ya that it took longer than you thought. Call me tomorrow I am off