Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Rylee

Addy got her first baby cousin last night. Joe and I are finally an aunt & uncle! Rylee Ann was born on November 6th 2008 around 6:50pm (I think...) She weighted 7lbs/8oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. I think she looks just like Megan!
(Ashley, I grabbed these pictures off of your myspace. Since I forgot my camera... =] I hope you don't mind)
Megan did great and she looked fantastic! Rylee is beautiful and we are so excited that she is here!
After we got home from the hospital last night, Joe and I kept asking Addy if we could bring Rylee home with us. Every time she would say, "NO!! She not!!!" Addy loved looking at her and watching her get her bath but she is sure that she does not want her living at our house. LOL!
Congratulations Dave & Megan! We couldn't be happier for you. She is the cutest, littlest thing ever!! We can't wait to see her again!



She is soo cute!! Tell them Congrats for us!

The Merrills said...

SO cute! Does that make you baby hungry! I think I always am then I remember the pregnant part and barfs and think again:)

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

Finally Yeah! She is darling. Guess Addy will have to ease into the idea of a sibling when it is time. Does it make you baby hungry?