Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, I totally understand if you aren't following me anymore!! For some nasty reason, when I got pregnant and sick, it was hard for me to blog. Even when I started feeling better, around week 25, every time I logged on to post something... instant nausea sometimes with or without vomiting! Stuff does that to me when I am pregnant...songs, TV, people, places... I just can't explain it, so I am going to say sorry and try to be better! Of course, I have had a few things that have been keeping me pretty busy over the last few months.

These for instants... not the cute little girl, but the costumes! I have been selling them on Ebay and they have done and are doing much better then I EVER expected. Thanks Mom for all of your help! I also want to thank my friend Ashley for letting me use her darling little lady as my model. I think it is due to her that they have been selling like hot cakes!)

And this...My little Drama Queen Addy and all her 3rd Birthday, Party Dress Glory! Addy turned 3 years old on September 20th. Heck, where does the time go!? She insisted on a "Party Dress" which after many shopping trips & failed attempts, she couldn't find one that she liked (yes, I said she turned 3... not 13!!!!) Grandma Lani saved the day and the party with this little number. Actually two numbers that she could choose between about 2 hours before the party! She was tickled! And the only present she wanted, "A puppy mom, just a little tiny black one!" What!?!? Call me mean, but there is no way I was going to do a puppy and a newborn. But  Grandma Jayne Ann and Grandpa Steve saved the day with that present too. They bought her one that is just as close to a real one as Addy is going to get right now. It barks, begs, sniffs and whimpers. But, requires no additional TLC!! She loves it, and so do I. She has slept with it every night since. Once again, my friend Ashley saved the day with these AdOrAbLe Birthday invitations!! She hooked me up, and in about 30 minutes! Thanks ASH!!! 
I also wanted to say thanks to Jason, Krista and Talan for making the effort to even come to the party. With all your little family has been though the last month, we feel very blessed to have such true friends!! Thanks again and we are so HAPPY that your little Lincoln is finally at home with you!!!!  
Thanks to everyone for coming! It was a huge success equipped with a Dora the Explorer Cake, Cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy & lots of presents!! Happy Birthday Little Girl!! We love you!!

And last, but not least... preparing for the arrival of this little guy! (ultrasound picture at 27 weeks) We are so excited! I am scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday October 13th. Which is just a few days away. We will keep you all posted on the details.

Now that was a POST!!! =]


Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

Yeah finally! haha! I am so honored to be mentioned so many times! I am famous! I can't wait to meet the little guy.

Shaun and April said...

Love her "Party Dress." She looks grown up.