Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Telling him what she wants for Christmas.

Showing me the sucker that Santa gave her.

We took Addy to visit Santa last night. She was so excited! She kept waving and blowing him kisses while we waited in the massive line. A little part of me thought she might be scared of him....not at all. When it was her turn, she went right up and sat on his lap. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She told him a train set. He said, "Oh, that is a really good idea, is there anything else that you would like?" She said, "No, that's all." He told her to go to bed early on Christmas Eve and fall asleep quick because he has a lot of houses to visit that night.
After we left she told us, "That was so cool!! He is so Magical!!" (Can she just stay this innocent age forever?) Thanks Mom for watching Crew for us!