Friday, April 4, 2008

Pin FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little update. I got all four pins pulled out yesterday. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!

Then the PH (who pulled out the pins) told me that I needed to be in the "15 pound" walking boot all the time for two more weeks for protection, with no pressure. On our way out Dr. Faux (The one who did my surgery was in the hallway and just happened to see me pass by on my crutches wearing the massive boot, that I hate, and I guess he surprisingly remembered me!!) He caught me at the receptionist desk and said, "Aren't you 5 weeks post surgery?" I said, yes. He said I think we can fit you with a walking shoe instead of that boot and I think you only need one more week with no pressure. I could barley contain my excitement!! Finally a light!

So by next Thursday I will be able to starting walking with the shoe (which is so much better & lighter then the boot...that you wouldn't even believe it!!) I am making a list of all of the fun things that I want to that I can start getting around. I won't be able to drive until the first part of May, but I will take what I can get and be grateful for a body/bones that can heal!! HAPPY DAY! =]

See the HUGE difference? A lot easier to sleep in, that's for sure!!!


jaime said...

yeah for you! and on the fights.... I think Addy will be okay as long as your next one is not a little Brad, now those were some scary fights... LOL Good luck with the foot!

Holly and Matthew said...

OH WOW JESS! :) I can't believe it! Long time coming eh? I am so happy for you. It's so true... you don't realize how great it is to walk until you can't anymore eh? :) I hope the remainder of your recovery is successful. :) love you:)

Kristy said...

I knew that I would get crap from you for watching that show. It's so addicting though!! How are things? Are you walking yet? You need to post more!