Sunday, November 8, 2009


Our cute little frog...

and pretty little Dorothy.
(Grandma Lani made this dress for Addy, and just in the nick of time. She was so proud of it!! Thanks Mom! What would I do without you?!)

Trick-or-Treating on Springville Main with Grandpa & Grandma!

Lots of Treats!!


Addy and her little brother! She loves to hold him.

Grandma Lani & Crew

This Halloween was fun! We dropped Addy off to go trick-or-treating on Main Street with Grandpa & Grandma. Then Joe, Crew and I went back over when they got back and had Steak Fajita's. Addy loved answering the door and handing out treats. She was hooking everyone up with about 9 pieces per person!! Good thing they didn't have that many kids trick-or-treating this year. We then headed to Grandpa & Grandma Bills' for a visit. When we got home, Joe took Addy out to a few houses in our neighborhood. This is one of Addy's favorite holidays. She kept asking Joe and I all day what we were dressing up as. She was pretty disappointed when we didn't. Luckily Grandma Lani dressed up like the wicked witch. Addy thought that was the BEST!! We are still explaining to her why all the Halloween decorations are down now. =]


Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

Your Mom is so cute to do all that fun stuff with Addy! The dress turned out adorable. You have to two cutest kids ever!

Crow Family said...

Addy's looks so cute and grown up!! Crew's pretty cute too! How fun are they. You seem to be doing great!

Shaun and April said...

SO cute... Congrats on Crew's arrival. I've been gone for a few weeks and logged on to see him on your blog and in COSTUME already. I had to scroll down to see the "He's here" post. Congrats!